PBW High Voltage Ltd. is a leading Power System Specialist in Ontario. We specialize in the construction of Medium and High Voltage Substations, and Distribution Systems for Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional customers. We are committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions to assist customers with complex technical requirements.

With our experienced team, we consistently apply our depth of knowledge to meet our customer’s most demanding challenges. The company is currently in its sixteenth year of operation, and has installed many different types and sizes of substations and co-generation facilities. While our business concentration has been primarily in the Central Ontario region, we have constructed and commissioned two – 20 MVA substations in Newfoundland.

PBW’s excellent relationships with Electrical Consultant Engineering Firms, Manufacturers, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Utilities and all regulatory/safety bodies is the foundation from which the company operates.

PBW, as a member of the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association, (formerly EUSA-Electrical & Utilities Safety Association) takes great pride in our crew’s dedication to working safely. There is no job too important to be done in an unsafe manner. 

In order to ensure the utmost level of safety, PBW High Voltage uses the services of an outside consultant, Tickner and Associates (http://www.safetyway.com/) who have over 25 years of experience in the safety industry.  Tickner not only helps with our Safety Policy documentation and implementation but conducts site safety inspections on our behalf.  Tickner also assists with training, WSIB matters and any accident issues. They are available at a moment’s notice and have proven to be an invaluable asset to PBW‘s team.