Electrical Contracting

PBW specializes in the design and construction of power substations, underground and aerial distribution systems.  We have over thirty years of hands on experience in all aspects of high voltage systems – from concept through to completion.  PBW has a proven track-record of delivering well-planned, well-constructed high voltage facilities.

Our core business is the supply, construction and installation of high voltage substations and distribution systems.
These systems supply our customers with the required utilization voltages for their operations – stepped-down from the local utility’s distribution voltage.
In Ontario the typical distribution voltages are:

  • 13,800 volts (Toronto, Kitchener, Hamilton cores, etc.)
  • 27,600 volts (Toronto, outside of the old City of Toronto, and much of South Western Ontario.)
  • 44,000 volts (Eastern Ontario, Ontario North of the GTA and some of the western GTA)

Load requirements, customer utilization characteristics, and occasionally the voltage determine the characteristics and construction of the required substation.

In today’s “High Powered” world, the nature and variety of machinery installed in a factory can profoundly impact the type of transformer installed.  Variable speed drives, robotics, spot welding equipment, plastic extrusion/ injection molding machinery – to name a few – are some of the applications where a specifically designed substation transformer should be applicable.

We believe that the substation can be the single most important piece of equipment in any production or manufacturing facility, and should be given more than cursory scrutiny when designing, purchasing, and installing the system.

Our continued expansion throughout the province and beyond keeps us current and on the leading edge with the latest changes in regulations, power distribution company requirements, and emerging industry standards.

This experience, as well as the day-to-day contact with policy personnel, management and field installation crews enables us to accurately predict installation costs at the initial design stage of a project. We don’t like surprises either.

As a direct result of our involvement in a broad area of work we are constantly incorporating new and innovative products and techniques – especially in the low voltage (600 volt) distribution field – giving our clients the latest technology and the know-how to get it operational.