Technical Services

PBW’s Technical Services Division compliments our Electrical and Civil divisions.  We have expanded this important part of our business to provide a wide range of specialized services to fulfill our customer’s needs beyond the initial construction phase of their electrical system.

Our in-house Professional Electrical Engineers, Certified Electrical Technologists and Technicians, Electricians, and Power-line Technicians, have a strong and solid background in the complete design, installation, testing and commissioning of high voltage systems.

Some Examples:

  • Substation Inspection and Maintenance Services.
  • Transformer Pre-Service and Oil Analysis.
  • Power Quality Studies and Power Saving Solutions.
  • Remote Transformer monitoring.
  • Fuse Co-Ordination and Ground Fault studies.
  • Ground Grid Calculations and Design.
  • Substation Evaluation and Modernization.
  • Programmable Substation Access Monitoring.
  • Temporary Construction Power.
  • 24-hour Emergency Services.
  • High Voltage Cable Testing.

We can assist you in assessing your needs and compiling a risk analysis of your electrical system and its continuing efficient operation.